Founded in 2013, the Brazilian Solar Photovoltaic Energy Association (ABSOLAR) is a private, non-for-profit, trade association, which gathers companies from the entire value chain of the solar photovoltaic (PV) sector with operations in Brazil. The entity coordinates, represents and defends the interests of its associate members regarding the development of the market and the sector, promoting and disseminating solar PV energy in the country.

We are the driving force behind the Brazilian solar PV sector in national and international territory. We elaborate technical studies and encourage the education and qualification of the sector by means of partnerships, events, meetings and our digital communication channels.

Our Government and Institutional Relations and Communication departments work tirelessly to support ABSOLAR’s role as the primary source of information for the public agents and for the press, opinion leaders, civil society and other stakeholders in all solar PV matters. This way, we promote a positive business environment for all who work and invest on the technology.

Three pillars of success

Representation in executive, legislative and judicial branches of government

Represent and promote the solar photovoltaic sector in Brazil and abroad to main media outlets and entities of the electricity sector in Brazil with legitimacy, ethics and transparency.

Excellence in technical and market information

Monitoring the solar photovoltaic sector for the preparation of news and reports for daily information of ABSOLAR associate members and society.

Business generation

Offering a meeting point to companies in the sector, through strategic meetings with authorities and specialists in the solar photovoltaic sector.

Board of Administrators

ABSOLAR has a Board of Adminitrators composed of representatives appointed by the elected associate members for fixed terms. Their main attributions are:

-Strategic planning of the association’s activities;

-Definition of the acting guidelines for ABSOLAR in regards to its interlocutors (government, media, NGOs, sectoral entities, among others); 

-Definition of short and long-term goals.

Ronaldo Koloszuk

President of the Board

Marcio Trannin

1st Vice President of the Board

Anderson Garofalo

Vice President of Centralized Generation

Bárbara Rubim

Vice President of Distributed Generation

Camila Ramos

Vice President of Financing

Nelson Falcão

Vice President of Value Chain


Regional Board Member – Northern Region: Adalberto Maluf

Regional Board Member – Northeast Region: Marcio Takata

Regional Board Member – Southern Region: Guilherme Susteras

Regional Board Member – Southeast Region: Rodolfo Meyer

Regional Board Member – Central-West Region and Federal District: Rodrigo Ferreira Fonseca Pedroso

Board Member: Diego Bittner

Board Member: Fernando Augusto Morales Castro

Board Member: Gustavo dos Reis Vajda

Board Member: Harry Schmelzer Neto

Board Member: Josiane M. G. Palomino

Board Member: Manoel de Andrade Lira Neto

Board Member: Rodolfo Molinari

Board Member: Rodrigo Teixeira Marcolino

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the organism responsible for the assessment and inspection of the Association’s accounts, emitting opinions on the entity’s statements of accounts.


President of the Supervisory Board: Afonso Carlos Brum Aguillar

Member of the Supervisory Board: Daniel Canteras Pansarella

Member of the Supervisory Board: Pedro Miguel Araújo Mateus

Alternate Member of the Supervisory Board: Daniel de Fátima da Rocha

Advisory Board

Responsible for contributing to ABSOLAR’s strategic decisions with analyses, reflextions and guidances, the Advisory Board is composed of members exclusively invited by the Board of Directors.


Member of the Advisory Board: Ildo Bet

Member of the Advisory Board: Jurandir Picanço

Member of the Advisory Board: Manuel Rossito

Member of the Advisory Board: Oziel Estevão

Know our team

Rodrigo Lopes Sauaia

Chief Executive Officer

Celina Araújo



Miriam Lovita


Hellen Santos

Executive Advice

Karina Cajueiro Pugliese


Ana Panhoni

Emmily Barroso

Gabriela Carreiro Maia

Viviane Cristina Forte


Alice Castelo

Camila Gomes


Nathália Buzetto


Gabriel Alves

Patricia Nascimento

Technical and Regulatory (TECREG)

Gabriel Viana

Fernanda Ide

Leonardo Pereira

Paula Aguilera

Rafael Marques

Ricardo Corinaldesi

Vinicius Prado Suppion

Government and Institutional Relations

Information Systems

Eleric Escaleira Fuzinato

Lucas Machado


ABSOLAR Bylaws have as its basic functions:

To regulate the functioning of the entity facing third parties, mainly including the definition of the general goals of the association, potential profile of associate members, guidelines for decision making and internal organisms for administration and representation; 

To regulate the rights and duties of the associate members, establishing general criteria for their relations within the entity.