Distributed Generation complaint registry

ABSOLAR created the “Distributed Generation Complaint Registry” channel to help all companies from the solar photovoltaic sector that face difficulties in the connections of their clients’ systems to the local distribution grid. In some cases, the deadlines and procedures established on the Resolução Normativa nº 482/2012 normative resolution and PRODIST are not being adequately followed by distribution companies, requiring a complaint filed with Aneel.

How to make your complaint

1º – Contact your utility company and write down the service request

2º – If you do not receive a reply within the stated period or disagree with the response received, contact the utility’s complaint registry

3º – If there is no response from the utility ombudsman, open a service request at Aneel’s complaint registry

4º – Once you have an Aneel service request number, register your case with ABSOLAR’s Distributed Generation complaint registry

5º -Recommend ABSOLAR’s ombudsman to all your partner companies. You don’t need to be an associate member to use it!

For more information, contact us by phone at (+55 11) 3197-4560 or by e-mail at absolar@absolar.org.br. Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.


    Flow ReversalAbsence of automated and online system to request access of PV systems to the gridChange of cost between the emission of the technical advice for the access of PV systems to the grid and the effective hiring of installationDifficulties in application and operation of the modalities of electricity compensationNon-compliance with the deadline for emission of technical advice for the access of PV systems to the gridNon-compliance with deadlines for project approval of external electricity installationsNon-compliance with the inspection deadlineNon-compliance with the meter replacement deadlineNon-compliance with deadline for the exchange of credits or consumer unitsReading and billing errorError in the distribution of credits within determined criteriaTax errorsLack of clarity in processProblems with the reimbursement of the distributor's liability charge in cases of construction work by the interested partyRequest for different documentation from those defined by AneelSuccessive unjustified disaproval of projects of external electricity installationsProject disaproval due to use of microinvertersOthers

    I authorize the use of the above information by ABSOLAR, both with the competent agencies related to the issues reported, as well as in the preparation of materials and research on the sector - and, in the latter hypothesis, the data will be used preserving the identity of the company that submitted them.